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CPR & Moving Water Rescue Training Workshop

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Training Type:Technical/Hands on
Duration:04 days
Dates:05th to 08th February 2007
Venue:Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Course Fee:INR 10,000/-
Last date for registration:15th January 2007
Maximum Capacity:30 participants

Waterwater Rescue Technician (WRT)
The WRT training is an internationally acknowledged certificate course which provides the skills and knowledge required for rescue in moving and dangerous waters.

Cardiac Pulmonary Respiration (CPR)
Instructions on CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Respiration), prepares you to provide the life saving skills which are absolutely necessary for anyone who relates to outdoor activities in any manner.

Eligibility & Benefits
There are no specific eligibility criteria for participants. Language used for instructions would be predominantly in English. For WRT, swimming skills can be an advantage, though it is not a necessity. All water related training and practice would be with proper safety gear such as life jackets, helmets etc. and a very high level of safety & rescue support would be available for the participants.

The course would benefit adventure professionals, white water river guides, emergency services personnel and any one who would like to train himself/herself to be able to save a life someday in emergency situations like floods, drowning etc.

Each participant would take away with him/her: detailed manuals and course materials, a first aid kit, an internationally recognized personal certification card, and video CDs of the entire technical training. They would also be registered into our national rescue network.

The course would be conducted by trainers from eminent bodies acknowledged around the world, and an internationally recognized certification would be provided to each participant.

WRT Certification would be provided by:
RESCUE 3 International, California (http://www.rescue3.com)

CPR Certification would be provided by:
Medic First Aid International, USA (http://www.medicfirstaid.us)

05th Feb 2007: CPR & Essential First Aid for the outdoors.
06th to 08th Feb 2007: WRT1 (White water Rescue Technician)

For any correspondence related to registration, queries, sponsoring, media coverage etc. please send email to: info@katabatic.in
Course Fee Includes:
*  Instruction fee
*  Certification
*  Use of technical equipment
*  Safety & Rescue Support
*  A takeaway First Aid kit
*  All manuals/course material/books
*  Video CD of training proceedings
*  Safety & Rescue Support
Course Fee does not includes:
*  Travel & Conveyance
*  Accommodation & Meals
*  Insurance of any kind
We will organize reasonable/subsidized arrangements for accommodation/meals and local conveyance, which will be chargeable separately from the course fee as mentioned above.
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