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The river fumes.. froth everywhere.. the raging rapids.. A small craft effortlessly glides through the white commotion... This is a sport about being in control.

Kayaking as a sport is not for everyone. This is for the brave hearts who enjoy the high of negotiating with risks. This is for those who like to be in control. For those with guts of steel.

If you have it in you... come... learn how to ride the enormous power.... We assure you… you will be a changed person.

This is a full fledged technical training course with extensive theory of river fundamentals, safety, paddling techniques along with lot of practice and a small expedition at the end.

A certificate is also awarded, with a grade from our internationally trained swift water rescue professional.

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Course type Basic
Duration 05 days
Min. participants 04
Max. participants 08
Stay is at our Dormitory
Detailed Training Schedule
Day 01
Basic Paddling strokes (forward, reverse, sweep), wet exit. The day starts with an introduction with the technical team, and a review of the equipment. Some literature is also provided to go through during the course.
Day 02
Ferry techniques, more paddling strokes. Today the trainees gain more confidence as they paddle in open moving current with rescue kayaks keeping an eye.
Day 03
Ferry of stronger currents, Eddie-in, Eddie-out, T rescue. This day we prepare the trainees for a small expedition which they are to undertake.
Day 04
River runs of 12 kms in Grade I+ to Grade II rapids. This is a self supported mini expedition for our trainee kayakers. The whole party of trainees and their mentors kayak together with a cargo raft carrying their gear. Overnight camping at Beas Ghat beach.
Day 05
River runs of 12 kms in Grade I+ to Grade II rapids. Last day of expedition. The trainees will start to feel more comfortable and will start to enjoy the fruits of the training.

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White Water Kayaking Training Course
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*  Delhi to and fro travel/transport is not included in the above itinerary.
*  Participants should report at our Shivpuri Base by 7 am on day 1
*  The last day activities will finish by 5 pm in evening.
*  Costing will includes all meals, accommodation, local transport, equipment, guides, camping gear etc.
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