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Does your passion for Adventure, radiates from you?
Do you have a Leader, inside yourself?

Use your organizing skills and group building capability to help you do more adventure and spend less !
Enjoy more with like minded friends around you!!

We are looking for group builders who can use personal passion and influence to spread the awareness about adventure sports among their circle of contacts. We strongly believe that the best people to market adventure tours are the people who are passionate about it themselves. To do this, we are building up a list of registered group builders.

What is my benefit as a group builder ?
Whenever any group or even individual come to any of our trips, we would add their tripís value as a turnover credit for you. These credits will be 1 point for each rupee of business that comes to us through your influence. The credits would keep accruing, and you would be able to encash these points as cash benefits or as complimentary or highly discounted tours for yourself. We will send periodic statement of you accrued points, so that you are aware on what you can do with them.

You need to keep looking at this page for currently applicable schemes and benefits, so that you can use your credits in the most beneficial manner for yourself.

What do I need to do ?
It is easy. We would keep a registered list of group builders and we would send them a fortnightly mailer containing list of tours, and related material like PDF files, Power point presentations, rate lists etc. This info the group builders can then use in whatever manner to spread the word in their contact list through any means. Apart from online material, we would make customized posters and advertisement materials with your contact details, so that people contact you directly.

Your responsibility as a group builder, is to disseminate correct information to the aspiring enthusiasts. The entire plan is driven by the group builders, rather than we pushing them. So you will use any info as per your interest and capacity.

Our mailers to group builders will not only communicate to them about the current trips, and resources to disseminate information, but will also tell about the current balance of points, and what all benefits can be traded with them.

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