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Outdoors, camping, high adrenaline white waters, fully self supported and much more; all this packed into this compact multi-day trip.

This expedition starts from Deoprayag, where the two mighty rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda confluence to form the Ganga. The expedition runs the complete stretch of The Ganges right up to Rishikesh. This is the minimal multi-day expedition that you can possibly get in India.

This is a completely self supported trip, wherein all our camping gear, food etc. is carried on cargo rafts. The expedition schedule requires 3 clear days of rafting.

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River distance 78 Kms Approx
Duration 03 days
Rating Moderate-Difficult [ Grade III+ ]
Min. participants 06
Detailed Trip Schedule
Day 01
Rendezvous with the technical team at our base office in Shivpuri (approx. 14 kms beyond Rishikesh) at 7 am. From here the drive to Deoprayag is about 2 hours where our team would be waiting with inflated rafts and camping gear already packed. Dry bags will be provided to keep personal belongings, and after securing everything that we may possibly need on the trip, a briefing is given to all participants (along with breakfast!), and off we go. The rafting section for today is relatively placed with small rapids and beautiful sceneries. We would ground the rafts at a very beautiful and isolated beach at Beas Ghat. This beach is reachable only by the river. Camp is setup, while lunch is organized simultaneously. Rest of the day is spent in various camp activities, and generally lazing around or exploring, apart from playing volleyball or similar. We have a long and relaxed camp fire to enjoy one of the best offerings of outdoors, which is, getting together around a lively fire and knowing each other more. After a delicious dinner we relax under the star lit sky, and count the ones that shoot!. Sleeping bag and ground mats arrangement is provided with dome tents to rest for the night.
Day 02
Wake up to a beautiful morning. Beas Ghat is a very beautiful location, and you will love the peace and harmony of nature that is in front of you. Pack up time is announced, and we all prepare ourselves for the second day of rafting. Today we will attempy a few good rapids like 'Daniel Dip'. The overnight camp will be just above the Wall rapid.
Day 03
This day is guaranteed to be the most exciting, as it covers the best section of white waters. The day will be long, first to come among the rapids is "The Wall" which is most (in)famous on the Ganges, followed by a number of exciting rapids like "Three Blind Mice", "Roller Coaster", "Golf Course" and several other smaller ones. The rafting action is the grand finale to the trip, and we will end our journey at Rishikesh, where lunch would await us. We expect to finish the river run around 3 pm. Here on we would bid the group a farewell and safe journey. You will be astonished at the comradeship which would have got developed between the group and our gang which has brought everyone through the big seemingly impossible waters.

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*  Costing will be ex Rishikesh.
*  No travel/transport is included in the above itinerary.
*  All participants to this trip should be 18+ years, and less than 50 years in age.
*  Any one in state of intoxication will not be allowed to do rafting
*  Camp rules and decorum needs to be followed strictly.
*  Outdoors and camping involves mild roughing it out. Please don't expect luxuries.
*  Toilets are tented dry-pit based, and adhere to forest guidelines.
*  Cost does not include any alcoholic drinks.
*  The schedule would require participants to be able to reach our base latest by 7 am on day 01
*  People with ailments, disability, heart problems, asthma etc should NOT register for this trip.
*  Self bailing rafts will be provided to participants with maximum 7 participants per raft.
*  For safety, expert and qualified rescue kayakers will escort the entire trip.
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