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Outstanding Safety Record

Your safety is paramount to us. We are the only Rafting operator to provide compulsory Rescue Kayaker escorts in all our trips. We have maintained one of the best safety records amongst our competition. Before offering any itinerary as a package, we undertake the complete journey as a reconnaissance so as to understand every aspect of the trip in its reality.

We have maintained one of the best safety records amongst all whitewater rafting outfitters by making safety our highest priority, hiring the most qualified guides, and stressing preparedness through constant training.

High Level of Experience

Our team has 40+ man years of experience in extreme sports. All our trips are escorted by experienced leaders who maintain high level of quality and safety in all aspects of the tours.

Value for money

At KATABATIC, we strive to provide our guests with a safer and more enjoyable experience. Our priority is not to run the rat race of clinching deals with cheap offers, instead we believe in giving the best value for money. We believe in providing the experience of the activity, rather than just offering services which are listed in our package. To be able to provide service to all kinds of budgets, we have introduced customized modules which can be selected by budget conscious clientele, and still are able to get the safest and best adventure experience, as that is what they come for.

World Class Equipments

No compromises here! We possess the very best, and we are passionate about our gear, and maintain and take care of it well. We use only self-bailing rafts. Right from the top management to the lowest rung employee of our company, we are all passionate adventure sports professionals. We are knowledgeable about all technical stuff that we use, and we are aware of what to possess, and how to use it skillfully.

Experts in Our Field

We are proud to be well-respected as one of the few companies that can offer all spectrums of adventure. Whether it is running CLASS V white waters or organizing mountaineering expeditions. We consistently run safe trips at this level because of our experienced guides, equipment, and commitment to safety training.


We are into a wide spectrum of activities. Our activities include Rafting, Kayaking, Trekking, Mountaineering, Cycling, beach camp resorts etc. And we undertake all these activities ourselves!

Serious Fun!

Our friendly staff ensures a sense of security amongst all our guests. Most of our guests are repeat clients to us, because they want to enjoy more what they have enjoyed once with us. We assure you, that we are not just about a package tour. We are about the best experience you will get anywhere.

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